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Sample of a Memorable Journey Essay on Norway

A lot of people have visiting Norway on their bucket lists. A key reason for this is that the Nordic country is known for its alluring landscapes. Norway has long been called the “land of the midnight sun.” It’s also known for its  deeply rooted traditions. Its rich folklore, enchanting language, and fascinating viking history draw people to it. But Norway is also filled with courteous people and lots of great opportunities for those planning to stay for any period of time.

Many people learn about Norway through social media posts. These photos, filled with enticing landscapes, like the ones of the fjords – long narrow inlets with steep cliffs around them – speak for themselves. As I was surfing through my social media I found an advertisement offering a trip to Norway at a discount rate. Luckily my family had some savings set aside for just such a trip and we’d all been talking about Norway for a long time. When I shared the advertisement with them they were thrilled and would you believe, in only a few hours we had decided to book a trip there. 

It was around midnight about the time we were arriving on the plane and what a way to be greeted, but by the northern lights! Hues of blue, violet, green, and hints of pink filled the sky. It was such a fantastic feeling. I wish I could relive the experience all over again for the first time. Not long after landing, when we arrived at the cabin where we were staying, it was a little bit uncomfortable at first because we couldn’t understand what people were saying to each other. Fortunately, a lot of them spoke English and the attendants were very welcoming. Furthermore, our room at the cabin was really comfy, warm, and even smelled nice, like pine trees.

The next day came and our plan was to go fishing and camping. We took a car to Norway’s largest lake, Mjosa. When we arrived at Mjosa, we were amazed by how long and wide it was. We hired a professional sailor, a man in his 50’s, to take us out on the lake. While we were fishing he told us stories about his ancestors, the Vikings. I also got to learn about Thor, who is not only a Marvel superhero, but a real god from Norse mythology. Our guide warned us not to go too far from the lake to avoid getting lost. He gave us various camping tips which I wrote down so as not to forget any of them. We were astonished by how good a storyteller he was. Of course, we caught some fish and cooked them on the fire that we built. I’m not sure I’d ever had such tasty fish in my life! I can’t say that I loved the temperature there however, as it was really very cold. We camped and built a bonfire with the other campers the way that we were instructed to, to ward off evil spirits and also keep us warm. In addition, we were lucky enough to see another polar light, this time it was more green with hints of red, violet, and orange. 

In just seven days, we were able to go fishing, camping, and hiking. Before going home I went back to the local market to buy souvenirs. I bought a bottle that had a miniature viking ship inside it. It was a little bit pricey but well worth it. While I didn’t take many pictures, fortunately, my family took loads of them and I’m sure we’ll be looking back on them for years to come. 

The trip was well worth it. I got to explore lots of interesting places and make some great memories with my family. I got to appreciate the beauty of nature, especially the northern lights. I would love to return to Norway soon and all the places I didn’t have time to go to. This was certainly a journey I’ll never forget.

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