Education, Christian

"Choosing" to Reach Out: St. Marcus Reaches Out with the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program
A History of Education: The Evolution of Christian Instruction and Catechesis Methods
A Short History Concerning Christian Day Schools and Christian Education in the Dakota-Montana District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
An Examination of our Federated Schools' Effectiveness at Preparing Future Lay Ministers (Area Lutheran High Schools and Wisconsin Lutheran College)
Attitudes about Lutheran Schools: Joint Study of LCMS and WELS Schools in Southeast Wisconsin
Background for Teaching
Basic Requirements for Receiving an Affirmation of Faith
Bible Class in the Eighties
Bible Class in the Work of the Church
Bible School: Curriculum and Objectives
Bible Study in the Congregation
Building Home Bible Study
Building the Enrollment of a Parochial School Through Children of Communicant Members
Calvary Academy: A Place for Children in Crisis to Grow in Christ
Catechisms of the WELS
Christian Psychology in Education
Church-state Relationship: Particularly as It Applies to the Field of Education
Dealing Positively with Pupil Management
Developing a Biblical Self-image in Our Students
Education Brief: Catechism Class Can Be Fun
Education Brief: Using Christ Light for Adult Nurture
Educational Imperatives in the 1970's
Encouraging Bible Classes in Our Congregations
Equipping the Believers as Disciples
Equipping the Believers as Stewards
Extending Christian Morals Beyond the Classroom
Fostering Commitment in the Classroom or, a Model Report Card: Four Ds and an F
Fostering Commitment to the Ministry through Campus Life
Getting the Right Message Out - And Getting It Out the Right Way - With Emphasis on Public Worship and Classroom Instruction
God's Advice Regarding Teacher Relationships
Grace Lutheran School Falls Church, Virginia: Celebrating 25 years 1973-1998
Home Bible Study Groups in the 1990s
How to Aviod Moralizing in Our Ministry
How to Encourage Bible Study in the Parish
Humanism and Christian Education
Is Our Traditional Method of Training and Supporting Church Workers on Mission Fields in Need of Re-evaluation?
Is School Choice the Right Choice for Churches?
John Jacob Sauer and Education
Kingdom Balance in the Light of the Great Commission
Luther as Father and Teacher
Modern Trends in Education from the Christian Point of View
Our Growing Blessing: A Brief History of M.V.L.
Our Transition Into English
Our Use of Reformed Materials
Parish Education in the WELS and its Growing Importance Today
Personal Bible Study
Profile of a Study of Positions and Attitudes within Our Synod Concerning the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965
Reinforcing Teaching of the Sacraments
Science: Philosophy and Objectives Based on Scripture
Shepherding the Sunday School
Small Group Bible Study and Adult Education in the WELS
St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church of Cudahy, Wisconsin: A Congregation Committed to Christian Education
St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church of Howard's Grove: 112 Years to Build a Christian Day School
Sunday School Teachers Filled with the Holy Ghost in the Work of Christian Education
Survey of WELS VBS Courses: Past and Future
Teach Them Diligently: Essays in Consideration of the Church's Responsibilty in Christian Education
Teaching Church and Synod History
Teaching History from a Christian Perspective
The 1990's - New Trends In Education
The Blessing of the Christian Day School
The Call into the Discipling Ministry
The CDS as a Mission Arm: The Significance, both Historical and Present-day, of the Christian Day School as a Mission Arm, as Exhibited by Congregations in the Milwaukee Area
The CHE – Past, Present and Future
The Christian Church and Education
The Christian Day School Teacher's Understanding and Application of Prayer
The Christian Educator's Application of the Scriptural Terms for Knowledge, Teaching, and Learning
The Development of Christian Education in the Northern Wisconsin District of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
The Development of Kingdom Work Balance in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod
The Doctrine of Confession and Its Application in the Work of a Christian Teacher
The Education of the Christian in Lutheran Legacy
The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Wisdom
The Great Commission and Our Christian Schools
The Life of a Pastor or Teacher is to Be a Life of Sanctification
The Lutheran High School is an Extension of the Lutheran Congregation
The Ministry of the Lutheran Teacher
The Minor Prophets Cry to the Christian Teacher Today
The Need of Christian Education by Means of Parochial Schools
The Philosophy of Secondary Christian Education
The Proper Use of Scripture in the Ministry of Teaching: "Remember These Things", Reflections on the 2nd Epistle of Peter
The Relation Between Home and Church
The Sanctified Life of the Teacher and Pupil
The Scriptural Principles Involved in Training Nationals to Teach Each Other
The Separation of Church and State as it Relates to our Christian Schools
The Use of Branch Schools in the Northern Illinois District of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod
The Value of Language Study in my Parish Ministry
The WELS Battle for Berea: A Look at the Recent Synod-wide Growth of the Adult Bible Class
The WELS Educational System - Eleven Years Later
The Winds of General Education in the WELS
Thoughts on Teaching Luther's Catechism
Trends in Education in Wisconsin Synod Parishes from the End of World War II until 1957
Vision 2000+ - "The Number One Priority: Revitalize Congregations through Called Workers"
What About Women Visitors?
Wisconsin Synod: Right or Wrong in Handling the Bennett Law?
Women in the Teaching Ministry
Ye Have Done it Unto Me
Your Child and Humanism